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Photography Classes


If you are interested in learning photography please EM me and we will find the best time that work best for us both.  I teach classes for individuals, small groups, and parties.  Photography can be taught on privately or in a small group of not more than 5 people.

Class Prices

• Single Class $50 and hour - you can choose how much you want to spend learning.

• 3 time class $225

• 5 time class $375

Classes Taught

• Street Photography - Taught in Down Town Seattle, Green Lake, Pike Place Market, Pioneer Square

• The Outdoor Portrait

• Flower Photography - taught in one of Seattle's many gardens and Pea-Patches

• Product Photography

• Photo Editing - Adobe Lightroom - taught at my house or local coffee shop

           • must buy and download through Adobe Cloud

           • must have own computer

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